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Tube-launched, Optically-tracked, Wire-guided missile
The Iraqi tank did well, until the TOW came in, and gave it the shaft.
#missile #tank #helicopter #guidance #eyes
by Kramnelladoow January 17, 2007
such a state of screwed up that fubar, fumtu, bohica, and snafu all rolled into one don't even cover it
A situation of screweduppiness could be: You and your lady are getting it on in your room, when your mom walks in, and instead of getting mad, tries to join in.
#fubar #fumtu #bohica #snafu #screwed up
by kramnelladoow April 11, 2007
Playing a video game so badly, you are ashamed to own anything having to do with video games in general.
Guy 1:Did you see Tom get pwned in the Madden Challenge Tournament yesterday?
Guy 2:Yeah. Classic case of gamectile dysfunction.
Guy 1:Total pwnage
#gaming #x-box #ps2 #halo #halo 2
by Kramnelladoow March 31, 2007
to game so well that you pop a Wood
when y0uRm0mZd0g killed the level 50 player on X-box live, he experienced gamerection.
#halo #halo 2 #x-box #ps2 #gamecube #burnout: revenge
by Kramnelladoow March 31, 2007
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