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A rocking woman of experience and down-to-earthness.
Typically blond but any colour could be arranged, especially whist said Shagwell is in a state of over intoxification.

Able to take life by the bollocks and straddle it like there's no tomorrow.

Perfect companion for any night on the town, or evening on the couch, eating peanuts and exchanging flap stories.
Willing to tell you how it was, how it is and how it will be.
Loved by all who know her, adored by all who don't, and desired by both men and women alike.
Smoking hot body with a peculiar apron fetish.
Not nearly as available as the name might suggest, but true to nature if one's lucky enough to get that far.
So is she Shagwell? No mate, she's Shag-bloomin-fantastic!
by krakar jak February 27, 2011

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