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Surrey B.C. ; Newton area

-area of Surrey where the Indo-Canadians are at.
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by kraftdinner101 June 26, 2011
1. A brown male, usually in the teenage and adult age area, who owns a crazy car and plays there music very loud in th car when driving past people. They tend to wear designer sunglasses, expensive clothes, and have spiked hair or a gutti most of the time. Male dippers who are from India tend to try to speak english with a very bad accent, or they speak in punjabi very loudly with their friends and curse as much as possible. Male dippers born outside of India have a tendency to speak very very loudly. They also swear and make fun of people walking by. Also, all Male dippers will honk at girls on the street no matter what age they ae.

2. A brown female, usually in teenage and adult age area, who also has a nice car, like the male, and plays there music very loud too. They also were designer sunglasess. There are Indian-born female dippers who have long oily, dandruffy hair, and they think they are very pretty because they like to look at themselves in the mirror, but actually they are not pretty. There are the female dippers who are born out of India, and they actually are pretty most of the time, but these non-indian-born female dippers will speak very loud with their many friends hoping to get a guy's attention.
Sarah: Hey! What movie should we watch?

Manisha: Um...Let's go inside and check what's playing.

( Suddenly a brown guy in a cadillac drives by with very loud music playing)

Manisha: What a dipper
#dippers #dip #junni #brown people #dips
by kraftdinner101 July 27, 2010
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