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BangFat is probably the 2nd most popular couple amongst the K-Pop community on Twitter. The name BangFat is created by combining the two individuals names together; BANG Yongguk and rofFAT.

They have experienced many hardships in their relationship due to it being a long distance couple and living in different countries. Yongguk lives in South Korea while his lover Roffat lives in America.
Person One: "OMG BangFat is so kawaii"
Person Two: "I know right, I envy their long distance relationship :("
Person One: "It's like they're meant to be"
Person Two: "Wow BangFat and even Himbie are amazing"
by kpopstan March 13, 2013
A popular couple amongst the kpop community on Twitter. It is a nickname created to show the bond between Himchan and Amber (nicknamed Ambie) and their love as a couple. Their names are combined Him (HIMchan) + Bie (amBIE) to create said couple name.
"Wow have you seen that cute couple on twitter?"
"Oh do you mean HIMBIE?"
"Yeah they're so cute~"
by kpopstan March 13, 2013

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