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a refined definition of a "Bro Hoe". Girls of a popular stereo type in the west coast, usually ages 14-25 that prefer to hangout with guys that dirt bike, smoke weed, and/or fight. Most dislike other girls (besides their own) and spend their time biking, mudding, smoking and chilling with the "bros".

- usually bleach blonde, with or without dark brown underneath.

- known to wear bands such as SoCal, Metal Mulisha, SRH, FMF, Fox, Alpine Stars, Skin Ind., Hustler, Tapout, ect.

-Consumes excessive amounts of alcohol.

-Smokes lots of ganja.

- dates guys with lifted trucks, drives their own.

-obviously wears lots of makeup.

- tanned skin and flared nails.

- Says "fuck" and "chill" alot, along with "the shit"

- Listens to Kottenmouth Kings, Kingspade, ICP, Cypress Hill, Subnoize soldiers, ect.

- many have tattoos and/or peircings.

- sports bandannas occasionaly.

+ not all are sluts, they just get along better with the guys.

+ most have a DGAF attitude (don't give a fuck)

+ not all are fake bitches, tho some are (just as every other stereotype)
"the one girl whose always with the guys" "that bro hoe"
by kottonmouth-queen May 05, 2010

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