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a freestyle is a rap that is produced from the top of ones head usually fast paced and used to pick up a sheila at a party.
these mecees fall around me like rain coz im the one with the brain been numb to pain u cant break whats broken cats hate me coz im outspoken im kikin the set while ur on stage chokin man gotta be jokin.example of a freestyle.
by korrekt November 06, 2006
the kkk are abunch of stupid white supremecist wankers that hate coloured people and that they are the master race they claim that god tells them to do it, its more likely that they are having phsycological problems from the mixture of weed they smoke and the bleach fumes from there costumes that belong up there stupid asses
kkk member " i need to get home to my fat white trash wife and seven kids that i beat sensless and eat me some roadkill"
by korrekt November 06, 2006
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