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5 definitions by korgwm

A french kiss using suction during the withdrawal of the tongue.

see...french kiss
"Spanish kissin...see it glisten" I Got The News
by korgwm October 16, 2007
238 58
The mythical title you get when looking over your new fantasy team and knowing it will win if the players perform to their potential.
Coming out of the draft, I am sure my team, The Hooties, are going to win the chancionship.
by korgwm March 21, 2010
90 3
The point at which you know you made a typo and must decide whether to backspace or hope autocorrect catches it
Liam hit the backplace at "extero" didn't want to risk whether autocorrect would know he wanted "extraordinary".
by korgwm February 24, 2011
15 1
Downward spiral where your self worth is defined by likes to your posts
Me: I was up posting until 4am last night and got 147 likes.
Dude: Get. Professional. Help. Your (sp) a like junkie.
by korgwm October 13, 2013
7 0
Girlfriend that looks really cute, if she is standing on a distance hill.
Me: That's my girlfriend there across the street, isn't she hot?
Dude: I sit next to her in history, she's a total distance chick.
by korgwm October 13, 2013
6 1