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2 definitions by kooyzni and htebairot

To use philosophical evidence and/or terms to define or describe a being. Usually, "psychologizing" a person is a bad thing. Using unecessary and/or false reasoning to deem a person unsuitable to acquant is considered psychologizing.
We know, don't psychologize him.
by kooyzni and htebairot July 06, 2010
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There are many ways to describe "shebang". "Shebang" can simply be an alternative reply to a statement or compliment. The next time someone gives you a compliment? You're reply should be "shebang". To make it seem like insults do not bother you, reply "shebang". If anyone ever tries to psychologize you, this word can also be an appropriate response. Saying "shebang" out loud can also uplift one's spirits.
I'm upset. Shebang! There, all better.
by kooyzni and htebairot July 09, 2010
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