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2 definitions by kokodiablo

The fupasaurus, more scientifically known as the fupasaurus rex is common to South America and now South Florida (Little South America). The fupasaurus rex is most likely evolved from the fupapotamus, which was once the most feared species in the fupa family. The fupasaurus was discovered by Mitin Patel one night in Ft Lauderdale. Mitin thought he had captured by elusive fupapotamus, but to his surprise(the next morning when it was too late), he discovered, named, and branded this new species.
Fupasauruses are believed to frequent taco bells, winn dixies, piggly wigglys, and laundromats.
by kokodiablo May 02, 2007
One who aimlessly performs cunnilingus on random strippers who have persuaded him into the "champagne room." This fool actually pays a stripper to pleasure her. Later, after several drinks, he becomes very angry and takes a taxi home by himself.
Chet: You know, there actually IS sex in the champagne room.
Biff: How do you know?
Chet: Because Hungry Howie over there just paid a stripper to eat her out.
Biff: Is that why he has herpes bumps on his lips?
by kokodiablo January 05, 2005