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1.buttsex comes from a scene in scary movie 2 where the demonic clown got buttsexed by a gay character under the bed 2.enema procedures with the use of a water pack and its components or a enema bags bought from stores 3.coloscopy examination where a camera is stuck in your ass cavity 4.gay clownsex with the use of a real balloon for a condom
1.shelly got ballooned in the ass by rob.
2.tom ballooned himself in the ass to clear out his bowels with an enema for surgery.

3joe had to get a coloscopy done they ballooned him with a camera in the ass
4.the 2 clown men at circus got busted ballooning each other in the ass using a balloon as a condom
by kojiro95 December 07, 2010
1.a shitty pop star singer
2.raped and inpregnated a fan(girl)
3.the HIV/AIDS of pop culture
4.the blighting disease that never goes away
1.joe:what are you listening to?
maria:justin bieber
joe wtf is wrong with you?

2.roland:did you hear how justin bieber raped a fangirl?
mindy:he's a low life rapist

3.joe:you better listen to michael jackson singing instead of this queer

4.max:i wish this fagbastard is going out of business soon
by kojiro95 November 04, 2011

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