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1.Statigic Defence Initative, Also known as "star wars"a plan to "Knock out" nuclear missiles in flight before they reach the U.S.A In the event of a nuclear war. 2.A song by Loudness; the opening track on the 1987 album, "Hurricane Eyes" the song's lyrics deal with the issue of nuclear war
In the 1980s a defence plan (known as "star-wars") was developed by the the president to protect the U.S.A. from a nuclear attack -this was known as S.D.I.
by koi-boy March 14, 2010
A 152-mile aqueduct in the USA state of California, used to convey water from Friant Dam on the San Juaquin River to farms and cities in California's Centrial Valley. It is owned by the US Bureau Of Reclamation, but maintained and operated by the Friant Water Users Authority. The canal starts at Friant Dam, north-east of Fresno, CA, runs along the foothills of the soutern Jan Juaquin Valley, ending at The Kern River in Bakersfield CA. It has a capacity of 5,000 cubic feet per second (C.F.S.) at it's starting point reducing down to 2,000 C.F.S. at it's terminus.
The Friant-Kern Canal is one of California's main waterways, and it is the lifeline to many farms and communities who rely on it for water.
by koi-boy November 23, 2011

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