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A variation of the blumpkin, this sex act occurs when a women is sitting on a toilet defecating and simultaneously performing oral sex on the gentleman standing in front of her.
Lisa didn't know why, but after discovering what a frumpkin was she had an undeniable urge to perform one on the office custodian in the handicapped stall of the public restroom.
by kobold78 February 24, 2010
When a guy fucks a girl in the ass, pulls out at the moment of climax, calls his partners name and when she turns around he busts nut right in her eyes. The object is to temporarily blind your partner for long enough so that you can ditch the scene and avoid post intercourse cuddling.
Peter gave Jane some Gooey Goggles so that she could not see his swift departure after sex.
by Kobold78 November 29, 2007
When a man and women are engaged in intercourse using the "doggy-style" position and the man pulls out the moment before climax calls his partners name and when she turns around he ejaculates in her eyes. Also known as the, "White Out" or "Gooey Goggles".
Blinded by the blizzard, Betsie was unable to see Jim.
by kobold78 November 21, 2007

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