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A penis with a strong fishy odor from intercourse with a female who doesn't keep her vagina clean.
The people involved with the intercourse in question are the only ones who don't notice the stink.
Most anybody else within five yards or so will smell it and be physically sick.
Short of amputation, the only way it can be cured is to soak and scrub the area with a strong pine disinfectant.
Chuck: Did you fuck that skanky bitch?
Willy: Sure did, and it was good.
Chuck: Eeugh! Moby dick, man!
Willy: Shitshitshitshitshitshitshit.
by knottawanker February 21, 2010
a young male who is intent on dipping his wick i.e. performing sexual intercourse. Naturally, his ineptitude and inability to form even the most trivial and superficial relationships leads him to inevitable failure, thereby causing him to enter a life of debauched affairs with Widow Thumb and her four daughters.
He might say he has sex a lot, but he's only a wickdipperooni.
by knottawanker February 05, 2010
There are people who are such meshuggenehs that anybody they tell their crazy ideas to will end up being driven just as crazy.
In a short while the craziness spreads through the population like a plague. When that happens, we're meshugged.

Origin is "meshugge", the Yiddish term for crazy and senseless. Meshuggenehs are people who are meshugge.
Only US citizens can be candidates for President. But there are still people who believe that Obama's not a US citizen! Shit. We're meshugged.
by knottawanker February 21, 2010

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