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He's way to cool for school and he knows it. He is without doubt the sexiest mother fucker in the room right now. He has the ability to be doing absolutely nothing, and still look so damn good. He doesnt even need to tell you about how huge his penis is because everyone already knows it. He's a natural leader in bed. Is a serious bad ass who always fights above his weight class. Is never seen with anyone under 18, even though he may not be 18. He is wanted in 3 countries by the authorities. He is wanted in 172 countries by most women. He attends all of the parties going on. All of them. He's one hot piece of ass that all of the girls want to get at. He's on a first name basis with all the ladies, all the time. It's said that he is in fact too hot for TV. If your not hanging out with Max Nielsen right now..Then fuck you.
Ex. Hey, why is that guy so much better at everything than me?

That would be because his name is Maximillian and yours is not..
by knoinstien March 30, 2012

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