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you're dead to me

an expression of frustration towards a friend.....

used in a conversation or at the end of a text or email YDTM

in a conversation "dude, I can't believe you went home early last night, you gorded out.... YDTM!!

in a text "hey, I covered your bar tab, thanks for nothing YDTM"

by knobert11 March 03, 2009
a manouver used by a drunk male when regected by a female at the bar, he then moves (drop, step, pivots) on to the next female

also called DSP in abbreviated form
"Matt just drop step pivoted from that blonde girl over to the hottie in the skirt!"

"You were hammered last night how many DSPs dis you pull"
by knobert11 March 03, 2009
A one word term for pulling the chutes or leaving a party/function or group of friends early

gord(ed)past refence to have left
gord(ing)future refence, as in about to gord out
"this party sucks we are gonna gord out!"
"Why is Cade gording out early?"
"Sorry I gorded out last night, I had a headache."
by knobert11 March 03, 2009
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