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to sell something on kijiji. Often times, the habit can get out of hand.
Man, I think you have a problem; you've kijijied almost half of your house!
by knob nucker April 06, 2010
Something that produces a level of anxiety or disgust when viewed, heard or experienced.
Michael Scott is squeam inducing.
by knob nucker November 05, 2009
Similar to a milkshake, but with juice instead. Also similar to a smoothie, but with no fruit.
People who don't know how to make smoothies often just make juiceshakes.
by knob nucker November 16, 2009
A disease one can acquire after too much time spent with a homosexual; a politically correct use of the term "that's so gay;" can be used literally or figuratively.
Figurative: "This is gaybies, I can't fix this bike!"
Literal: "Wow, that dude definitely has gaybies."
by knob nucker January 26, 2010
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