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A center-left political party in Canada. It arrogantly views itself as 'the natural governing party'. The party has relatively few firm beliefs and is willing to bend whatever way it thinks will win an election. Recently, it has become primarily a party of cities in eastern Canada due to its ignorance of the economic and gradual population shift to western Canada, contempt towards rural Canada, and shameless pandering to certain immigrant groups, some of which have terrorist ties - such as the Tamil Tigers, at the expense of what is in Canada's interest. No party in Canada is more committed to advancing the (misguided) cause of globalization.

The party's base is a hodge-podge of misguided left wing activists who think a mainstream party will bring about change, wealthy Bay Street globalist elitists, certain immigrant groups whose allegiances lie more with their original homeland than Canada, and yuppies.

One positive achieved by this party was its sound financial stewardship while Paul Martin was Finance Minister and Prime Minister. The party seems to have abandoned this fiscally conservative approach since losing power, as they have indicated that they believe running even larger deficits than the currently governing Conservative Party is somehow the best way to overcome the dismal economic situation.
The Liberal Party of Canada lost power in 2006. With their current leader, Michael Ignatieff, and lack of backbone, they will never scrape into a narrow minority government, let alone win a majority.
by Knifer11 September 20, 2010
A center-right party in Canada that holds the most seats in a minority Parliament. The Conservative Party resulted from a merger between the Progressive Conservative Party and the Reform Party. Since coming to power in 2006, it has been evident that the Conservative Party has largely adopted the worst policies of its two predecessors and discarded the best aspects. This party is full of ideologues who are far more interested in obfuscating the facts, as seen in their scrapping of the long-form census, and imposing their extremist agenda on Canadians than they are in what's in Canada's best interests.

The party is led by the thoroughly unadmirable Stephen Harper. He holds an iron grip over his caucus, with Conservative MPs rarely voting against the party line. This may, alternatively, be due to the almost total lack of talent in the Conservative caucus.

The party's base consists of a motley crew of Christian and other religious fundamentalists, beneficiaries of the oil and gas industry, all of the Province of Alberta (probably because there is currently no viable alternative right of center), law and order whackos who believe crime is getting worse despite the statistics showing the opposite, and most of rural Canada.
Thankfully, the Conservative Party of Canada does not look likely to achieve majority status, so will not be able to ram its extremist policies down Canadians throats.
by knifer11 September 22, 2010

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