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5 definitions by kneelund

Comatose from comments. When you are sifting through peoples' online postings or comments and you get so bored, you are almost comatose.
"I'm just sifting through my facebook page and Jerry's posting responses have me commentose."
by kneelund April 06, 2010
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The impulse to masturbate intimately with vegetables.
Or girl, that cucumber so hit the spot. You know how I get with my prurientobotanical nature Who needs a man?
by kneelund September 05, 2011
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When riding public transportation or taking a flight, you finally have some free time to think deeply. A play on transcendental meditation.
Man, I was wiped out this morning but am feeling better after some transit mental meditation on the train.
by kneelund November 16, 2010
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Target Joke Demographic. Use instead of ethnic or moronic references. It's totally PC
That doesn't even qualify as a joke. Use TJD if you wanna say that shit. Blonds are people too.
by kneelund July 15, 2010
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A gripe or rant posted to facebook, usually hostile or disparaging in nature.
"Why is it that trashy people must drive their piece of shit cars as though they were racing the Indy 500, drunk on kerosene? Where do they have to go in such a hurry?" That, is my facegripe of the day.
by kneelund March 01, 2010
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