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A slang term for the city of Federal Way. Federal Way is a suburb of Seattle, but with a hell of a lot more swag. If you're from Fed, F-Dub, The 253, The Quarter Trey, or Fed Weezy you know that Pac is a place for street races & homeless people. The transit center is where people get shot. Pattisons West is for middle schoolers. The Mall is known by 2 names and you only go there if you're bored (Sea-Tac & The Commons) Redondo is for Russians. And the high schools are just as dangerous as jails (with the same amount of police security)
Where we chillin tonight?

The Quarter Trey.


Fed, Fed Weezy, the 253?

Ohh, I feel it.
by kmyrhow November 12, 2010

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