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3 definitions by kmj

The same thing as a Cleveland Steamer, but with a fart added, in honor of the windy city.
<inkedmn> man, strike wouldn't let me do him til I promised to give him a chicago steamer.
by kmj January 20, 2003
An exclamation of joy, derived from w00t; or something containing a high level of w00t.
<kmj> w00tage! I finally got my thingy out of the vaccuum hose!
by kmj January 20, 2003
A term used to describe a situation when people are fucking around, not getting anything done, and acting generally like cumbags, douchebags, fucktards, and dickwads.
"...but enough of this cumbaggery and skullduggery; I've got shit to do."
by kmj January 20, 2003