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Persian in fact is more white and are the true arians jackass, only haters like u talk shit about stuff u dont know. Persians are hairy but not as hairy as most people think. I am persian/american and i was born in dallas texas around mostly whites or black and ive always been prowd of my race. the guy who posted his defintion before me , ( if u noticed) is a blatant homosexual hater and should come to dallas texas to get his ass beat the fuck up. 214 729 9318 or hit me up on yahoo my id is kmc187274, i got pics and i have Owned many white chicks asshole so fuck off just because us persians fuck and took ur white woman from u haters . lol the first definition of persians was probably the most correct def. of all these that ive seen posted. Persians are the most successful american minority. and we got money and cars and all that shit but u dont have to be ness. rich to have all this shit. U just gotta have hookups. Man i so feel like beating that guys ass who posted before me. fagget hater motherfucker. U sound like a complete jack ass. i would take u serious if u said that in a persians face... fagget pussy
Haters get there ass whipped . Ali G for life biatch!!!!1
by kmc187274 June 08, 2005

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