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2 definitions by klytaemnestra

to turn one's deep-seated shame of their own nerdiness into a point of pride; to recognize and claim ownership of one's own inherent geekiness.
After years of living in fear of judgment and ridicule, I now have the NerdShame Pride needed to read fanfiction in public. Fandomfuckers beware--Everyone has something truly dorky about them so, step off, bitch.
by klytaemnestra August 27, 2010
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to use one's fandom against them.
Whatever, why don't you go home and watch Xena and whine about the subtext!

DON'T YOU DARE FANDOMFUCK ME LIKE THAT! After all the Otalia vid.s you made me watch?!
by klytaemnestra August 24, 2010
2 1