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All that can be heard when two or more scousers (Liverpulians) are talking.

"They do though, don't they though ?" (English)
"Dee doo dow dont dee dow ?" (Scouse)
Scouser 1 "Dee doo dow don't dee dow?"
Scouser 2 "Dee doo dee doo"

EXAMPLE 2 - Two scousers arguing.
Scouser 1 "dee don't doo dee?"
Scouser 2 "dee doo dee doo"
Scouser 1 "dee don't"
Scouser 1 "dee dooo"
Scouser 1 "deee dont"
Scouser 1 "deeee dooooo"
Scouser 1 "deeeeee dont"
Scouser 1 "deeeeeeee doooooooo"
(This could go on forever, but you get my drift)
by Klausey September 15, 2009
Some one who is lazy, won't bend over.
Worker 1 "He's a lazy fucker, he's not done a tap all day"

Worker 2 "He's scared his back will smash the glass back twat"
by Klausey September 15, 2009
A miserable person. Someone who never smiles or has fun, usually an old person.
"Here he is, the fuckin' old misery guts!"
by Klausey September 15, 2009
Someone who is constantly telling lies. A person who fabricates the most over the top and totally unbelievable stories.
"A Bobby Bullshitter"
"A proper Bobby"
"Ey up here's Bobby Bullshitter"
EXAMPLE 1:- "My dad paddled to the Antarctic in his dingy last week and killed a killer whale with his pen knife"

EXAMPLE 2:- "I pulled a wheely last night on my bike and the front wheel fell off, i ended up riding round on one wheel for two hours and at one point i was going so fast the police tried to pull me over for speeding but i couldn't stop because i only had one wheel. I only stopped when i rode into the lake where i found my front wheel at the bottom!"

EXAMPLE 3:- "what have you had for your tea Bobby?" "My mam's just made me a lovely steak dinner with onion rings chips and creamy pepper sauce" - When it's quite evident he's had beans on toast due to there being beans all down his front !

"What a Bobby Bullshitter"
by Klausey September 15, 2009
A way of telling your boss, work superiors, police or officials to "go fuck themselves !" without getting into trouble or sacked.
Health and safety employee - "Do you have a permit to work in this area?"
Worker - "I've got a piece of bread that used to have an egg on it !"
(basic translation-"No i don't so fuckoff")


Police man - "have you got your drivers licence?"
Driver - "I've got a piece of bread that used to have an egg on it !"

Man in street 1 - "Excuse me sir, have you got the right time on you please?"
Man in street 2 - "I've got a piece of bread that used to have an egg on it !"
by Klausey September 15, 2009
An ugly person (male/female), a dog but worse! A dog who only gets fed on tripe.

A good for nothing person, A Tripe hound.
"Fuck off you little Tripe Hound!"
"I wouldn't like to wake up with your mam, she's a right Tripe Hound!"
"Who's ugly? You want to go and look in't mirror you fuckin' Tripe Hound"
by Klausey September 14, 2009
Meaning - beast - which does not mean good or awsome it means a child molesting monster, a paedophile.
"A fuckin' dirty little bag of yeast"
"Fuck him, he's just a bag of yeast"
by Klausey September 15, 2009
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