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Someone who enjoys dirt bikes and four wheel drive vehicles.
I couldn't hear you beacause that braffer is making a hell of a racket.
by klar June 03, 2007
a person who is involved in a new age style religion. Also, any "hippie".
Go get that crystal squeezer thats in that drum circle.
by klar June 03, 2007
When you crap in a toilet and don't flush, leaving unsuspecting victims to find your creation.
I can't believe I just added to that mud basket in the hopper! Thats a double-mud basket for the win!
by klar February 24, 2009
Comic stars get protected from bodily harm when the cameras are rolling.
Triumph got covered by a media condom when he said "you will die alone!"
by klar August 24, 2008

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