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the act of covering one's face with plastic wrap and having your partner shit on your face.
I don't care what you do, just don't give me a Pittsburg Platter!
by KL June 02, 2003
A homosexual male.
The poo poker shagged his ass!
by KL June 27, 2003
An overweight woman who is addicted to sex.
That flump crushed me last night!
by KL June 29, 2003
QWNAGE! Founder of KLIC.
Klman sucks at CS.
by KL January 28, 2003
QWNAGE! Founder of KLIC.
Klman88 qwns.
by KL January 28, 2003
The musty smell a male gender develops in the crotch/nutsack region.
Since Barney had sour pant-must smell, this hindered his blow job potential.
by KL March 11, 2005
A woman who likes really hard fast sex.
She was going like a doig last night.
by KL June 27, 2003

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