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The very last Friday of the year, especially if that Friday is followed by a series of extra days off. Therefore making it uber-friday.
I hate working between Christmas and New Years, it's a waste of time because nobody is doing anything businesswise. That said, thank God tomorrow is Uber-Friday and I don't come back to work till Tuesday. Tgiuf
by kkortman December 30, 2010
What used to be used as an adjective "That girl has a winning smile." Or a verb. "I love winning at tennis!" Has because of Charlie Sheen now become a derogatory term used sarcastically. Winning now means the opposite of winning but really losing or the act of being a loser.
Open to a restaurant with a bathroom door that locks.

Guy stands outside of bathroom waiting to go in since clearly the bathroom is being used. At that moment three guys walk out and one of them has white powder all over his nose while the other two have the sniffles.

As the crew walks past the guy standing outside of the bathroom goes, "Winning!"

And Scene
by kkortman March 06, 2011

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