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A nasty girl who wears so much makeup her face looks orange. She's overweight but tells everybody she's skinny. She sees herself as a super model when in all reality she looks fucking retarded. She listens to shitty music. She's not pretty and has no boobs, no ass, and a nasty body. She's fake and two faced and she bitches at people for no reason. She has nothing better to do than sit on Facebook and talk about people, if she doesn't like you she will call you names over text but when she sees you in person she doesn't do anything because she's afraid. She is very weak but thinks she can beat anyone's ass. She is very loud, she will yell her sentences even if you're right next to her. She is very annoying, she has only about 3 to 4 friends and is convinced every body likes her. She likes to pick on people just to make her ugly ass feel better. Nobody likes an Alysha. She thinks she's funny but she's just flat out annoying. When you try and confront her in person her legs will start shaking and she will get tears in her eyes. She's a jack bitch who needs a life!
"Did you see that fake ugly bitch?"

"Yeah that was Alysha."

"No wonder!"
by kkkkkkkkkkkddddddddffff November 23, 2011

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