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Clothing brand, for people who enjoy the (just got back from the beach) look. Not for people who want to look down on walmart buyers or any other less expensive brand.

I agree there is some people out there that do, use a&f, and hollister as a way to do that, but not every one who shops there does it for that reason. Some people shop there because they like the style. Personally i see it from all sides i shop every where if something looks good on me i buy it, and yess a&f and hollister are some of my favorite stores. But i also like hot topic and sure walmart once in a while. i dont care all stores are great. And you can weigh over 110, im pretty sure the models all weight over 110. i know i do. im 119. I think this whole deal with the brands is crazy, shop at what ever stores you want and where ever you want.
I had on a wall mart cardigan the other day and one of my friends whos big on brands said she liked it and asked where i got it. So i said haha walmart, and the next day she actually wnet to walmart and got the same one. haha. so even the big brand lovers think the same way. haha.

(hollister, abercrombie & fitch)
by kkalaaa May 01, 2009

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