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The ridiculously numerous offspring of an irresponsible mother (see clownshoes who doesn't watch her children properly, allows the kids to do whatever they please, and sits around watching TV all day talking on the phone with her friends, and then DENY your allegations of bad parenting and tell you that you have no right telling her how to raise 'her' kids.

It is to be noted that Bebe's kids would not exist if she kept her skirt in the DOWNWARD more often.
Man look at that little girl, running around the restaurant... Oh my God... she broke into the plastic toy display and her mother isn't even watching her! What a Bebe's Kid!
by Kix May 04, 2004
A woman's polite way of telling you that you're about as well-hung as a two-year-old. Synonyms: two-inch tickler and two-pump chump.
Jeez, you have acute dick.
by Kix May 03, 2004
1. A dying breed of decent human beings due to the fact that women hate them (see feminist).
2. Guys who can't get any.
3. ME.
Have you thought about dating him? He's such a nice Christian gentleman.
by Kix May 04, 2004
1. The abbreviation for Streets of Rage, quite possibly the best fighting game series for the Sega Genesis until Street Fighter II: Champion Edition came out. Responsible for hours of enjoyment in my life.
2. How a clownshoe spells "soar".
Man, Blaze from SoR is one fly honey...
by Kix May 04, 2004
A cardboard box containing half a Chicken McNugget and a rubber glove so you can gag yourself.
That fatty ordered an Ally McMeal.
by Kix May 03, 2004
1. A great comic (Amercian manga) by war veteran Fred Perry about cute girls who go on archaeological expeditions. Was around even BEFORE video game star Lara Croft. Also features arguably the most beautiful catgirl ever, Brittany "Cheetah" Diggers.
2. Also Gina Diggers' (the main character) nickname.
Man that last issue of Gold Digger was really good! I couldn't stop turning the pages, and when I turned the last page, I wished I had more pages to turn!
by Kix May 03, 2004
What the window says before it shosw you a popup for goatse.cx or something similarly evil.
I pressed Alt-F4 when the about:blank window popped up.
by Kix May 03, 2004
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