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It is the state you are in after a very big night. It is a sad sad state of being. Ha Ha.
My goodness after last night i feel like a trunchonion.
I am trunchonioned!!
by kiwichik April 12, 2008
A very unsavoury young lady. Not the type to take home to mum. A person you would definately not call a friend.
I met this chick last night, what a slabbage she was.
So and so is such a slabbage!
by kiwichik April 14, 2008
Confused, flummoxed, weary, just damn tired.
After last night not only do i feel like a trunchonion i am also flaumatised.

I am so darn flaumatised i cant think straight.
by kiwichik April 14, 2008

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