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like breakfast. only with cock
"we have no money left"
"hmm, i guess we'll have to have a cock breakfast"
by kiwi42 November 16, 2011
Case of the Dumb Asses
Hes got cotda
by KIWI42 August 11, 2010
lets make like sharks and fin out

from 'thin out' meaning leave or get out of here, make ones self scarce,

or, " lets thin out."
this is boring lets make like sharks and fin.

this film is jolly bad lets make like sharks and fin out.
by KIWI42 August 13, 2010
when a group of adolescent male humans drive along the main road or 'main strip' in a city in a car, with the purpose of observing the local female humans, or to 'show off' the prowess of their motor vehicle
"hey lets take the car out for a couple of mainy's, and pick up some bitches"
by kiwi42 November 17, 2011

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