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Dean Cry is used when a person only cries from one eye. It was derived from Supernatural, when the main character Dean Winchester cried, throughout season 4 of Supernatural. Hench the term Dean Cry
FA:""Yo I'm trying to learn how to Dean Cry"

SP: "Even if you can Dean cry, it'll never be as manly as Dean."
by kivatt331 November 06, 2009
A Dancin' As Nigga also known as a D.A.N. is a person that's always dancing. When ever you go to a party you see the same Dancin' As Nigga, dancing his ass of for no reason
Yo that nigga with the dreads is a Dancin' As Nigga

Flint Flossy is a Dancin As Nigga.
by kivatt331 February 14, 2011

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