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A slutty freshman who decides to become your best friend and talk about every guy see sees and talks about boning them. A flagergheist is such a whore there is no other word to explain it.
person 1: yo that new freshman is wearing the most revealing outfit and is all over matt!
person 2: What a flagergheist!
by kitteyandkat September 18, 2009
1. Most ignorant self absorbed contributor to Urban Dictionary. (wrote the mean comment about beyonce.)
2. Disgrace to mankind.

1. the act of being a douchebag
1. Did you read what Diamond Owens said about Beyonce? Man he's got some issues

2. Dude I told a girl I'd pull out but I was too lazy so i pulled a Diamond Owens
by kitteyandkat June 14, 2010
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