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Someone who pretends to be smart and who knows it all but is secretly googling all the answers. A potential pain in the arse but useful on a quiz team.
"Why is the sky blue?"

"Ask Tom he knows everything."
"It looks like he does, but I think he is just a googlewit, take his phone off him and ask him then"
by kitschnkarma April 27, 2010
a seedy loser who hangs around on dating websites, their profile equipped with a photo of a good looking person who does not resemble them in the slightest. They then proceed to message people for "sexy chats".
"How did it go with that guy who messaged you last night?"
"He was a real pofvert, worse than the other one who messaged the night before who at least had all his own teeth"
by kitschnkarma April 28, 2010
using a big word or phrase in the incorrect context or getting the word slightly wrong. Most commonly uttered/slurred by people who are drunk and trying to pretend they are not.
"do you need some help with that?"
"No, I will do this off my own back",
"i think you mean ' my own BAT', and that was an unfortunate example of misconbobulation"

"Look at this field with some fine examples of topology" (ok that one is not likely to be said by anyone drunk unless they are actually lying in said field).
by kitschnkarma March 26, 2011

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