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A scruffy, urban-dwelling homosexual hipster who passes for heterosexual.
I met a cute guy at a show the other night. He had tons of tattoos and a trucker hat and was sipping on some Pabst Blue Ribbon. I wanted to hook up with him but I soon found out that he's stromo -- he lives with his boyfriend Giovanni in Williamsburg.
by kitkat September 08, 2003
Yeah Right rite

From the scottish contraction of "Right then". Usually sarcastic in tone.
"Calista Flockhart's fat"
"Aww Ritten"
by KitKat June 17, 2004
One who is weird, does not conform to the norm, or is stalkerish. A sketchball can also be someone that does completely random things..such as eat french fries with mustard. Sketchballs are usually males.
Ewww, Bobby was totally picking his nose and staring at me, what a sketchball!
by kitkat December 03, 2004
Really really REALLY cool.
Dude, that pic is so totally beastin.
by kitkat August 14, 2004

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