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a place to write down thoughts, an online journal. the only problem is, once you write these thoughts down your in trouble. everyones nosey and will read it. assumption may occur that ur talkin bout them, or may think ur cocky. whatever- xanga just causes trouble. its funny, it also gives people to put themselves out there with there picture of their "ass" or "sex pose" and have billions of viewers either get horny or call them hoes or sluts. is that the image u really want them to view u as? if not then don't post shit like that. then people get all mad n shii " don't call me this" ugh, u put urself out there LOL. so really ur asking them for opinion, right? <b>XANGA</b> EQUALS <u>DRAMA/CONFLICT</u> whatever! if u wanna be on the safe side just write something simple lol.
gosh, don't u love my cute outfit? ignore that thong in the pic. people these days who smoke are soo cool i wanna do it too!
by kissmyass January 02, 2005

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