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A romantic comedy about an inspiring surgeon who sews three people together from ass to mouth. THEIR IS NO ME IN HUMAN CENTIPEDE! TEAMWORK!
my human centipede is john goodman in the front miley cyrus in the middle and justin beiber in the back. then i would ask miley if she has "the best of both worlds now?"
by kiss my love area January 31, 2011
Someone who purposefully infects you with HIV but doesn't tell you. Therefore, you go around infecting all these other bimbos without knowing you've given them the gift of HIV.
The fucking bitch Sarah from work is a giftgiver (and an excellent one at that). How many people have you given the gift to Sarah??? How many other needless victims are out in the world?!? You insane bitch! You know how hard it was for ME to tell my children that papa has the HIV and now my oldest son has to get checked (don't ask...)!!!
by kiss my love area May 12, 2015

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