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Now before reading this definition know that in this i am ONLY talking about quality marijuana. I know nothing about non quality but that doesnt matter because quality is the only way to go.

Marijuana is the Physcoactive plant known scientifically as cannabis sativa or cannbis indica. The herbal form of marijuana consists of dried mature flowers and subtending leaves of pistillate ("female") plants or resin glands. The chemical in marijuana making it phsycoactive is "delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol" commonly known as THC.
Marijuana is commonly known as: Marijuana, pot, bud, weed, grass, dank, chronic, kill, stress, ganja and way too many more to name.

Look: Dried leaves stuck together in bud form usually bright green but can be any hue of green sometimes with some purple also. Good marijuana has hairs on it all over the place usually red but again theres far too many types of marijuana to be specific And also it has visible thc all over it if its really good its almost powdery theres so much thc. Good marijuana in nug form is going to have stems going through it. Theres seeds every once in a long while but theyre very uncommon with good pot.

Smell: Can smell like anything from skunks to car oil (always in a good way) different kinds of weed have different scents and no two are exactly alike.

Feel: Good marijuana has a lot of different textures sometimes its very dense meaning compact and hard and other times its very sticky and moist and easily crushed. Its never a good idea to break apart pot with your fingers because you bruise the thc making the herb less potent. Experts in marijuana smoking use only grinders when they smoke.

Marijuana measurements:
Quarter pound- 4 ounces
Ounce- 28 grams
Quarter(fourth)- 7 grams
Eigth- 3.54 grams
Half eigth- 1.7 grams

Average price for good marijuana in grams:
1 to 1.4- 20$

(half 8th)1.7 to 2.3- 25$ or 30$ if your dealers an ass.

(8th)3.4 to 3.7- 50$ to 60 dollars depending again on if your dealer is an asshole or not.

(Quarter) 7.0 to 7.5- 90 to 100$ depending on how much more than 7.0 he is going to give and quality of the weed usually quarters or super kill are 100 dollars but you can get them as low as 90 some times.

(Half ounce) 14 to 15- 150$ or as much as 185 if your dealer is worried about profit.

(ounce) 28 to 30- about 300 to 350 depending on quality and dealer.

If your in the market for some marijuana and it does not fit into the above criteria say no. If its brown turn it down.

"Hey man! i just got 2.7 of some killer for 30 lets get baked!!!"
20 minutes later...
"i love you dude"
"i love you too dude but i love marijuana more"
by kirkabis September 23, 2007

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