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Pre 2000, a decent guy. Post 2000 a flipfloping political whore with bush's hand up his ass controling his every thought....which makes one wonder just where mccain's brain is.
John MCcain will lie to the religious right just like Bush did in order to get a job that pays $200,000 a year and then fuck the people that voted for him in order to become the United States first real dictator.
by kiobe May 16, 2007
An early morning hard-on.
Like a marble piller, I've got an eemoha so stiff a cat couldn't scratch it.
by kiobe May 17, 2007
Any person who blindly follows the teachings of a biblical god.
Jerry Falwell sure did rake in the cash from all that sheepshit.
by kiobe May 17, 2007
George Bush's stratagy in Iraq. When one area is slightly quieted another area breaks out in violence and then using his c student mentality says that things are getting better in the area.
George- "Well, I think a stratagy like a wac-a-mole would prove usefull if we can get the press behind us and fake out the people of the United States, lets use some pictures and what not, of fat faced kids in some school from who knows where and my good friend Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox News will publish and print them for us. Now there's a plan. hehehe, we'll call it project bwakamole"
by kiobe May 16, 2007
What Global Warming should have been called all along. The fact that the earth is heating up because of a greenhouse effect leads to portions of the earth getting much hotter and other areas getting much colder. Colder..... This is another reason most people that are uneducated in this field are led to believe that every continent on the planet will get warmer. Not true. When an area is seeing colder climates, the people scoff at global warming because they expect the globe to get warmer. It's a warning, not a warmer.....
Ted: It's colder this summer.. global warming is a myth.
Tony: It should be called Global Warning because the earth is getting ready to through a heck of a fit which includes much colder climates is areas you would not expect.
by kiobe August 11, 2010
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