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guy licks/sucks girl
girl licks penis and swallows cum
One day, I came home and my girlfriend was sitting seductively on my couch. I had had a rough day and i didnt feel like doing anything with her. i told her that and she said, "Alright, ill do all the work. ill give u ablow job." She shoved me onto the floor and yanked off my shirt. She Kissed my nipples and soon they were hard. She started to kiss down my abs and slowly pulled off my pants. I turned her over and started dry humping her. I then pulled off her shirt and bra and started rubbing her boobs and kissing them. They were so big. She started to graon, "More, more MORE!!" So i took off the rest of her clothes and stuck my erect penis in her vagina. I rode her for a full 5 min. and then turned her over and gave her some anal. I stopped, but she still wanted more and so did I.

She put me on my back, and started licking around my balls. She licked then tugged slightly while rubbing my penis until it wouldnt get any more erect. then she slid her tongue into the hole in my penis. She licked and bit softly. I finally couldnt hold it any longer. The cum gushed out of me. She swallowed some and it went on her face and i licked it off. It went onto my thigh. she didnt want to waste any so she licked that up. Then i stuck my hgue cock back into her vagina and rode for another 5 minutes. i will NEVER forget that day.
by kinkman321 June 14, 2010

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