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3 definitions by kinitsu hayabusa

the acoustic effect a crapper has on a fart. when one farts into said toilet it echoes inside the bowl thus increasing the volume a considerable amount. this is not unlike yelling into a cave.
i was trying to stealthily take a dump at my girlfriends house but thanks to the toilet reverb she broke up with me.
by kinitsu hayabusa November 18, 2010
when preforming intercourse from behind the guy takes a nitrous oxide tank and plugs the hose into the girls anus. then he jumps on top and uses his erection as the gear shift and shouts vin diesel one liners.
i was feeling a little crazy after watching fast and the furious last night so i tried a nitro surprise on my wife. shes taking the kids.
by kinitsu hayabusa November 22, 2010
the act of cramming ones penis into a small animal such as a squirrel or ferret and then stuffing it into a womens vagina. this is prefferably done wile the animal is still alive and the women is asleep.
dude i gave this chick a hillbilly stocking stuffer at this party last night, i think it gave her rabies!
by kinitsu hayabusa November 22, 2010