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The act when one person tries to forcibly open your bathroom stall door while you are peeing or taking a dump when they know good and well that the stall is occupied
by kingstroke89 October 30, 2010
The Big Three includes of Chris Bosch (#1), Dwayne Wade (#3) and LeBron James (#6) who all were acquired in the 2010 offseason to play for the Miami Heat. This triple threat can be referenced as the best acquisition of players since The Boston Three Party.
by kingstroke89 October 31, 2010
The act of looking over the divider between two urinals to check another man's penis size, in order to feel more comfortable with your own penis size.
by kingstroke89 October 30, 2010
The act of sticking a creature of the night, such as a cricket or lizard, inside a woman's vagina. the moment of the animal inside cause pain, yet a glisten of pleasure. Not intended for children under 18.
by kingstroke89 October 31, 2010
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