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A drinking game made by oliver reed. It involves drinking 1 pint of alcahol within 15 minutes then runnning to the nearest pub, then repeating. The unofficial world record is 16 pubs held by oliver reed himself. It was originally held in wimbledon and based around 8 pubs and that is how the name originated.
Want to play wimbledon 8?

Sure, ill just get the barf bag.
by kingpaladin August 16, 2005
A cow-like creature who produces milk. Lactating refers to Lactation, the process of producing milk and bovoid refers to bovine, the term for a cow and by adding "oid" on the end means "similar to".
Excrement of a Lactating Bovoid
Means- Cow Poo

That lactating bovoid is annoying me
Means- That cow is annoying me
by kingpaladin July 17, 2005
hippopotamonstrosesquippedalian refers to a long word, such as itself.

People who fear long words are said to have hippopotamonstrosesquippedaliaphobia
Man 1:Antidisestablishmentarianism is a hippopotamonstrosesquippedalian word.

Man 2: what in the blue hell does that mean?
by kingpaladin July 17, 2005
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