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4 definitions by kingoftrim

when you're having sex with a girl doggy style,and right as you are about to climax you stick your hand in a jar of peanut butter and smack her in the face
bob and sally were going at it,until bob gave sally a peanut butter smack
by kingoftrim November 08, 2009
push a girls pussy lips together,then start to lightly teeth them
jay: "what you do with mary last night ?"

bob: " she gave me a sticky sandwich"
by kingoftrim November 09, 2009
meaning cool

other definition: go fuck yourself
ex. 1- that concert...shway

ex. 2- i win so shway
by kingoftrim November 08, 2009
the act of watching a funny douche bag,comment on internet video clips
bob was toshing "Tosh.O"
by kingoftrim November 08, 2009