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The Anti-Zeem is the one who is soo Leem that they become King-Of-The-Leem and destroy all the cool things that ever existed or could exist.
by kingofthezeem January 24, 2012
The Anti-Zeem
you're so uncool they should crown you king-of-the-leem and you can destoy everything cool.
by kingofthezeem January 24, 2012
Zeem is the coolest you could ever hope to be. Better than Reem and total opposit of the Anti-Zeem
god... that guy is so zeem!
by kingofthezeem January 24, 2012
Leem is the opposite of Reem The King-Of-The-Leem is also the Anti-Zeem the one destined to destroy everyone who is cool.
That guy thinks he's reem... but he's totally leem.
by kingofthezeem January 24, 2012

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