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"Bingter" - Is in essence "Anti-banter" or "shit bant".
It is the kind of attempt at generating a few chuckes or knee slaps thats results in everyone in earshot feeling fully demoralised whilst simultaneously Alienating everyone involved. Repeated instances of "Bingter" can send that person into social decline and result in them being shunned from a group. Indefinitely.

There are no confrmed origins of the word .
We know it is mainly used in Northwest England.
There are unconfirmed suggestions on various social networking sites that the word was coined at bennicassim festival 2010, when an English Mumford and sons fan by the name of "James Bing" cracked a quip so bad it caused several members of the audience to "shit piss" themselves.

"The Cribs can't play cos jonny marr has broken his hand"


"aw man thats bad news...you coming to the pool?"


(sniggering) "that was the joke right there"


"o rite thats hilar mate...so you coming to the pool then?"


(breaks into histerical laughter while several passer by defecate themselfs)

Do somthing good this year, STOP SHIT BANT. STOP BINGTER.
by kingofthebant February 25, 2011

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