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getting your money jacked by a stripper or hooker at a strip club. a stripper steals your cash while doing something sexual.
emerson got head from a girl at bottomless and she stripjacked his ass.
by kingofpain September 30, 2007
when you're fucking a girl on her period, you pull it out and she blows you with blood on it.
that girls such a freak, she likes the tomato bisque.
by kingofpain September 30, 2007
getting drunk, so drunk that you're slurring words and can't talk straight. stretching words out like you're from the backwoods.
that boy is talkin' country sippin' on that purple drank
by kingofpain September 30, 2007
dumb slut, will do anything sexual without thinking about it. called lampshade cause she doesn't have a brain beneath the hair.
i told her i have herpes and the lampshade still gave me head in the alley.
by kingofpain September 30, 2007

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