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describes something that can not and does not need to be changed or will not be changed, but is generally not important enough to fight over and can be overcome. In a bureaucracy, where some jaba the hut type is standing in the way, do like Gen George Patton and just go around the idiots...Originated by this author on the south side of chicago in the early 1990's when being the token white guy trying to help rightfully angry blackfolk(think obama's preacher) deal with a university's attempt to pave over their homes to make way for a larger campus. Used the phrase to transition to positive issues and ways to turn a negative into a positive or an irrelevant.
That idiot from the city is the same guy who lied to us 10 years ago when he convinced us to accept the old plan and they took away our homes and never built new ones. Why should we trust anything he says ??

You shouldn't...it is what it is...he has three more years until his pension kicks in and he doesn't have the support to stop this from going forward.
by kingofithaki May 17, 2008

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