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Stands for Team America: World Police (2004), a movie by Matt Stone and Trey Parker.
No example is possible.
by kingmustard January 18, 2005
Chips, egg fried rice and curry sauce in a container from a Chinese takeaway. Usually about £3-4.
Let's order a chip special to share.
by kingmustard December 05, 2010
A way to say that it is raining heavily.
It's tipping it down outside.
by kingmustard May 22, 2005
A random word used by the hobo residents of Louisville, TX.
Fuck me? 4Q! Bloobity.
by kingmustard March 06, 2010
Mandeep is a strange creature who has hair like a girl and never washes it. He often visits the chip shop to dip his hair in the grease to give it a nice shiny finish. He often sports many different head wears ranging from a hair band to a tea cosy to keep his mush warm. Very hairy indivdual with a strong smell of daddy's sauce.
Monty: Is that a large, greasy muffball?

George: Nah, thats just Mandeep bless him.
by kingmustard May 08, 2005
Stands for US Robotics, a company based in Schaumburg, Illinois and founded in 1976, that makes computer modems and related technologies.
I might buy a US Robotics modem this time around.
by kingmustard May 03, 2005
The mixture of anal lube, semen, and feces resulting from butt sex.
When I got done fucking her in the ass I had Fuck Mustard on my dick. Tastes great on burgers!!!!
by KingMustard February 20, 2014

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