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(1) Fools who believe that it takes a village. Oh Hillary Clintons book says... (2) People who want more taxes for more social services, yet don't want to pay any more taxes themselves. (3) A person that lives any way they want but thinks they have the right, no, the obligation to tell everyone else how to live. (4) Anyone who utters the phrase "save the children".
(1) I won't accept the responsibility of raising my own children. I am such a dumbocrat! (2) Reporters are saying that dumbocrats nation wide believe that throwing more money at the problem will help settle things. (3) I'll tell you what your problem is, you are not a dumbocrat! (4) Yep, them dumbocrats are using the children as pawns again.
by kingmarki December 08, 2006
A sick little bastard that hides out under the bleachers at any given school event for the sole purpose of fucking the team mascot, but is glad to give a little back by giving him the reach around completely free of charge.
Bob: Hey, where's our team mascot, Funky the spunky monkey?
Dave:I dunno. Hope he didn't get bagged by that pud pullin' monkey fucker.
by kingmarki December 08, 2006
Nasty stink mouth. The worst bad breath you ever smelled. Bad enough, you still smell it 10 minutes after the dude leaves.
Oh fuck me blind Faith. Did you talk to John this morning? He smells like he ate a smashed asshole sandwich.
by kingmarki December 08, 2006
The male penis, specifically when used to penetrate anothers anus.
BOB: John, I dropped the soap. Will you get it for me?
JOHN: Yeah, I got it man. (Sproing) What? What the fuck is that shit?
BOB: Oh, sorry, it's just my buttwedge.
by kingmarki December 08, 2006
A hottie that makes you wanna blow a load in her mouth.
Damn man, have you ever seen a finer spooge mama?? FUCK!!! I already shot my wad.
by kingmarki December 08, 2006
Unhealthy emotional attachment.
Seen Mike lately? Nope, Sissy got him wrapped up with her chains of love.
by kingmarki December 08, 2006

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